Insurance Chabot

The comprehensive assistant is capable of guiding and informing clients with all the information they need, precisely when they need it.

What can Insurance Chatbot do for you?

Insurance clients often needed extensive assistance when seeking information or organizing and requesting details. Handling this efficiently is where our AI excels. ChatbotGen possesses exceptional conversational skills and adeptly communicates with clients to address their inquiries. Training the bot for this task is remarkably simple—you can easily upload files containing information, including links.


Improve Agent Productivity

With a bot providing support, agents no longer need to spend time on routine tasks, allowing them more time to work with other clients and solve complex problems.

24/7 Customer Support

We ensure instant responses for all clients around the clock. It's common in this industry for clients to need assistance at any moment, and they deserve the best attention possible.

Data Collection

Our bot learns from each user interaction. By incorporating information provided and drawing from previous experiences, its responses continually improve.

Custom interface

Modify the style, colors, placeholders, suggested messages, and more to personalize the interface.


Multi-source learning

Feed the bot with documents and links to access a broader range of information.

Integrate dynamic forms

These forms take parameters and send requests to an external API, allowing our bot to provide the most accurate interpretation of the results.