Real Estate Chatbot

A full assistance is provided to manage information and guide your clients, assisting them in achieving their goals and securing premium deals. By implementing dynamic forms, the bot can collect information from another source to provide the client with important resources.

What can Real Estate Chatbot do for you?

Managing real estate can be challenging, especially when starting or growing a business. Organizing and connecting information about properties and potential buyers becomes more manageable with the assistance of Chatbot.
Our AI is among the most advanced bots, ready to learn from various sources and engage in meaningful conversations with clients, providing all the information necessary to facilitate successful deals.


Frequent questions

Include a list of frequently asked questions to facilitate continued conversation.

Quick answers

Our AI algorithm is designed to provide prompt and efficient responses.

Clever answers

Leveraging information from multiple sources, the bot responds with the best connections and available details.

Custom interface

Modify the style, colors, placeholders, suggested messages, and more to personalize the interface.


Multi-source learning

Feed the bot with documents and links to access a broader range of information.

Integrate dynamic forms

These forms take parameters and send requests to an external API, allowing our bot to provide the most accurate interpretation of the results.