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Your Chatbot, Your Data, Your Rules

Empower Your Creativity with Ease. Quickly build and customize your chatbot to align perfectly with your team's needs and style.

Inside-Out Customization

  • Behavior Customization: Tailor chatbot interactions to reflect your brand's approach.
  • Appearance Customization: Blend your chatbot with your brand's color palette and logo.
  • Answer Optimization: Refine your chatbot's replies by reviewing past conversations. Customize future responses.
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Integrate Your Knowledge Base

  • Website Integration: Link your website as a data source.
  • Document Upload: Provide documents for your chatbot.
  • Q&A Creation: Upload your frequent questions and answers.
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Invite your team

Invite members to edit the chatbot and review conversations, enhancing teamwork and efficiency.

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Link your website, upload documents, or add Questions & Answers to build your chatbot. Customize the interface with your brand colors, logo, and text. No coding is required.


Turn your Data into a Chatbot

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Limited time offer: 65% OFF
Up to 10 Chatbots
Up to 3,000 messages/month
Up to 500 Web Pages
Up to 100 File Documents
Web Integration
Whatsapp Integration
API Integrations
Unlimited Forms
Unlimited Team Members

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Frequently Asked Questions

Navigate through our Frequently Asked Questions to gain a deeper understanding of ChatbotGen.

What is ChatbotGen? ChatbotGen is a chatbot builder that allows you to create personalized chatbots for your website and WhatsApp. You can also share a link to your chatbot page.
What platforms can the generated bots integrate with? The chatbots generated by ChatbotGen can be integrated with WhatsApp, Telegram and your website via a widget or iframe. You can also share a direct link to your chatbot page.
What technology does ChatbotGen use? ChatbotGen uses gpt-3.5-turbo, a state-of-the-art language model developed by OpenAI, to generate intelligent and contextually aware responses.
How can I provide information for my chatbot? You can upload files, link to your website, add common questions and answers, and edit previous chatbot answers.
What languages does ChatbotGen support? ChatbotGen supports about 95 languages. You can provide training data in any language and your chatbot will be able to answer questions in any language.
How does ChatbotGen fetch links from my website? ChatbotGen fetches links from your website's sitemap. If your website doesn't have a sitemap, ChatbotGen will crawl your website to gather the necessary links for training your chatbot.
Can I invite team members? Yes, you can invite team members to collaborate on the dashboard.
Do the chatbots understand conversation context? Yes, the chatbots generated by ChatbotGen are designed to understand the context of a conversation, not just single message queries. This allows for more natural and meaningful interactions with users.

What people say about ChatbotGen

"For me the key differentiator has been the consideration put into the product features rather than it simply being a ChatGPT centric tech exercise. The ability to train the chat from your web content or upload an FAQ is what make the difference." ChatbotGen is a very cool product and the support has been excellent

Julian Ford
VP Enterprise platform at INTO

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